Disney Princess Make A Wish Send Off Party

Pam and I are planning a princess party for one of our wish kids send off party. We are so excited that her favorite Disney character, Rapunzel, will be making a special appearance with the help of Nicole at Princess Party Pals.  She sings, face paints, reads them books, etc. Party planning made simple.

Party Tip #1. Identify a theme and become an expert on topic (if you aren’t already). I need to watch Tangled sometime this week so I can catch up on the adventures of Rapunzel before planning additional party activities.

Party Tip #2. Create/send invitations. I made six different princess card invitations similar to this countdown card (I forgot to take a picture before I sent them to the family to hand out 🙂 All the kids are coming dressed as their favorite princess.

18 days and ciybtubg

Card is simply watercolor background, a princess sticker, a few star sequins and computer generated countdown message adhered to a blue card.


About P3

Hi, welcome to my blog! I’m Colleen Hagerman. I am defined by labels like mother, grandmother, sister, program director, wish granter, paper crafter and so much more … This blog is a journal or scrapbook of sorts, a place to share my art, photos and thoughts. Thanks for visiting.
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