Perspective …the Gifts of Imperfection

Some of you know that I am a “recovering perfectionist”. I’ve been working at it for over a very long time…

For many years I compared my creativity to my younger brother Jeff’s. He is an artist … has been since he was a little boy. In kindergarden each student was asked to draw a picture of his/her parents and then our parents could purchase the drawing(s) for 25 cents (a little fundraiser) at the annual school carnival. Jeff’s drawings were great — lots of detail (my dad’s mustache, glasses, etc.), mine were minimalistic at best (that’s a nice way for saying stick figures). Many, many, many years later (I’m talking decades) I was introduced to a book called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. It helped me recognize my creative talents and opened up so many opportunities for me – but most importantly – changed the way how I SAW MY CREATIVITY. Today, I call myself a creative intuitive … For example, my brother and I sometimes disagree about color matching – he uses color theory to determine his choices (he has a B.F.A and M.A. in Fine Arts – I am sure he right), I use “my gut” – if it doesn’t feel right, I won’t use it – even though “in theory” it works.

I can’t draw, but I love to play with color. Jeff believes I can learn to draw if I devoted some time into it … but my perfectionism gets in the way, I have so many eraser marks on my paper it stresses me out (note recovering not recovered). Stamping allows me to color without having to draw the image! (I’ll share a card that I stamped an image and colored it in another post.)

A few years ago I read Brene Brown’s Gifts of Imperfection and listened to her Ted Talks. I embrace my imperfect self and highly recommend listening to her 2010 talk before her 2012 talk. Check them out


About P3

Hi, welcome to my blog! I’m Colleen Hagerman. I am defined by labels like mother, grandmother, sister, program director, wish granter, paper crafter and so much more … This blog is a journal or scrapbook of sorts, a place to share my art, photos and thoughts. Thanks for visiting.
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